What Now? Further Information.

If you have purchased:

  • Voicemail Psychic Reading – Forward your details to psychicreadings@twinfeatherz.com

    Your details that I require:

    * Your name and that of anyone else whom you are enquiring about.
    * Your date of birth and that of anyone else if you have it.
    * A recent pic of yourself and that of whom you are asking about if you have it.
    * Your questions.
    * Your email address.

    I look forward to connecting with you.

  • Distant Spirit Healing – Please email me your name, your date of birth, a picture of yourself and a brief description of your ailments. I will preform your Spirit Healing specific to you and have your Spirit messages back to you within a day or two. psychicreadings@twinfeatherz.com
  • Phone, WhatsApp or Skype Session – Once your Booking is made, call me at your scheduled time. You may send pics in advance if you like.
  • WhatsApp Number: +61 466949885
  • Skype Name: twinfeatherz
  • *** PLEASE NOTE ~ If I have not received your details within 2 weeks of payment, your reading will be considered completed. I do not keep records of past readings what so ever, so please do not email me after 2 weeks of payment saying that you did not send me your details or receive your reading. It is your responsibility to send me your details. I do not give refunds, I charge for The Time that it takes to read for you. Not for the information received.