Weight loss | Healing the Greedy Demon within you!

Weight Loss Guided healing process for Healing the Greedy Demon within you is an authentic process for self-empowerment and dissolving the Negative Energy. This Unique Healing Process opens up the possibility Weight loss - Healing the Greedy Demon within youof completely changing your health choices

This Healing process will help to dissolve the following issues:

  • Persistant un-controlable cravings
  • Always over-eating whenever you are stressed but not hungry
  • Forever stuffing your emotions with food
  • Up & down on the scales and always gaining weight
  • Not following a lifestyle that is True to You!

This Weight Loss Guided Healing Process is a self hypnosis tool that is highly thought-provoking, it will increase self-awareness and you will gain transformative power within you!

Healing The Greedy Demon


This Weight Loss Guided Healing Process will help you let go of negative habitual patterns and heal your relationship with food and Rise above the Greedy Demon. It is a very empowering and inspiring Guided Meditation and it is a powerful way to help you communicate and express all emotions that you have repressed. It will help you visualise changes in your thinking, feeling and choices. When you become truly present with your own feelings, thoughts and behaviours, you will feel heard.  Feeling truly heard enables you to let go and move forward,  you will give  your body positive messages of empowerment and the empowering  motivation to heal and to change your unhealthy thoughts, actions, habits and patterns. 

It is important to listen to the audio with headphones and choose a time where you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable, relax and let go. Allow yourself to receive the wisdom and the changes within. 🙂

Healing The Greedy Demon