The Zahra Spirit Journey – 30min Guided Meditation

The Zahra Spirit JourneyThe Zahra Spirit Journey - 30min Guided Meditation

You are a unique Life Force being, created with the same atoms and energy as that of the entire universe. Therefore, you emit and receive vibes from the Universal Life Force (Universe) which is magnetism and vibration. You are a tiny fragment of the Great Divine Spirit, the ‘All IS.’ You can Empower yourself with your own thought process and creation by way of the vibrations of the Life Force. You can create a life that is suddenly filled with Love, Luck, wealth, or anything that you desire. This is an ancient process that is an energetic vibrational link that is established between you, the Great Divine Spirit, the universal Life Force and the vibrational Energetic frequency of what it is that you wish to manifest; love, luck, wealth, etc. that gravitates and vibrates within you.

The Zahra Spirit Journey is a Self-Hypnosis/Guided meditation Audio of approx. 30mins. I channeled the guided meditation at the waterfall within the same sacred place that I channeled the Spiritual Cleansing & Third Eye Awareness protocol from. This audio is an added part of the protocol and can be listened to as many times at any time as you wish. Each time, you will receive new guidance and awareness. It will uplift your vibrations and get you to your ‘HaPpY’ place.

Recite the following words before and after you listen to the Audio.

” Hear me Spirit, I invoke the Source of the Life and that of which I AM a fragment of its essence.
I hereby ask that I be bestowed with the Energy frequencies of Luck (or whatever it is that you wish to manifest) through the Rays of the Sun, the Light of the Moon and the force of the wind which moves it.

I Am now encompassed by the Energy of Luck (or whatever it is that you wish to manifest). I feel it within me, around me and completely through me. It has now penetrated and entered my Mind, Body and Soul.

Thank you, Spirit, I Am Eternally Grateful”

Guided Meditation

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