Dark Energy | Negative Vibes and Hex’s on How to Transmute it.

Dark Energy | Negative Vibes and Hex’s on How to Transmute it.

Dark Energy, Negative Vibes & Hex’s – How to Transmute it.


Dark Energy

The following Techniques of how to transmute negative / Dark Energy, that I have described below are that which came from my Higher Self. I wish to share this Universal Wisdom with you and I hope that you gain the same benefits from them as I have. ~ ♥ ~

The Inner Power Technique:

Step into your ‘Inner Power’ and create (visualise) a protective ‘power shield’  that covers your entire body. 

Click here for an example of a protective ‘Power Shield’

 ◊  Inner Power is the space between your thoughts ⇔ Its that Inner sense of  un-conditional pure Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Truth and Wisdom ⇔ It’s your Intuition, Your Higher Consciousness ◊  (more…)

Power Sigil’s | Manifesting Your Desires & Wishes

Power Sigil’s | Manifesting Your Desires & Wishes

POWER SIGIL’S  Cre8teBelieve,ManifestReceive & Enjoy!

Power Sigil's* By creating your own Power Sigil’s from scratch, you are Encoding your own Inner magick, beliefs and creation into it. It Becomes your OWN! …. You can create Power Sigil’s in any language. Try it in your own language. and ask for the power from your Elders, Ancestors and your Gods… Be extra Creative with your Sigil and place it anywhere and everywhere for your eyes to see…. ie; paint it on rocks in your garden, on wall paintings, on photos, on a business card, a blank card to place in your wallet, embroider it into your pillow case, etc, etc, etc….  THE WHOLE IDEA IS FOR YOUR SUB-CONCIOUS TO ABSORB IT’S POTENTIAL, POWER AND INTENT! (more…)

Seichim – Ancient Egyptian Healing

Seichim – Ancient Egyptian Healing

Seichim - Ancient Egyptian Healing


Ancient Egyptian Healing 

¥ ♥ ¥ ♥♥♥¥ ♥ ¥

Seichim has a deep connection in Ancient Egyptian Times and it is pronounced as ‘Say Keym’. Seichim is also commonly known as Sekhem and the Egyptian word means ‘Power’ or ‘might’ ( Seichim meaning ‘ipoweri’ or ‘imighti’). Seichim is a conscious connected Universal living Light Energy and it is an Ancient modality of healing wisdom from the Ancient Egyptians.

Seichim – Ancient Egyptian Healing is the Healing Art that was practised by the Preist of the High Temples in Ancient Egypt.  Upon working/channeling with this Ancient Wisdom, the Seichim healing session will automatically empower the recipient, regardless of beliefs and values. Seichim transmutes and dissolves barriers to the Higher Self, it activates and strengthens the Light Body and will also awaken you to your connection with your guides and the source of All Love.


Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment, Aspire to Higher Consciousness

Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment, Aspire to Higher Consciousness

 Re-Awakening  Spiritual Enlightenment 


Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment

 Spiritual Enlightenment            Gateways to Higher Consciousness: Meditations from Spirit

Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment is when a human being has become aware of more inner peace, inner calmness, serenity and a way of living in the world without the feeling of being disturbed by the world. The ultimate goal for a human being in life is to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment so as to answer such questions as “who am I?”, “What is my purpose?” What is this all for?” etc, etc…


However, human beings have simply forgotten their true divinity, their true nature and all human beings are in fact already Spiritually Enlightened. The true Self is that reality, beyond the realm of time and space which is consciousness and the idea is to direct the mind towards that which is true. That is to raise our vibrations and to do that we must raise our level of consciousness. (more…)

Living A Spiritual Life Through Meditation

Living A Spiritual Life Through Meditation


So often at times people think that living a spiritual life through meditation is easy or at least it should be. For instance, some people think that SPIRITUAL LIFE THROUGH MEDITATIONmeditation should happen instantly and then is quite disappointed when it does not. However, in order to live a spiritual life or at least at it’s best, it becomes necessary for a person to develop a deep and profound devotion to Spirit/God… like a sense of worship by developing a strong affection to the divine.

Spiritual people have come to realize that all life is sorrowful and challenging. When life becomes challenging then a spiritual person would develop a higher attuned state of being with the divine, to receive help from the higher spiritual realms. A spiritual person will then begin to live a life through meditation in order to develop that higher attuned state of being. (more…)