Spirit Healing Magic of Alabaster

Spirit Healing Magic of Alabaster   ♥ HEAL THYSELF ♥

Healing Magic Of Alabaster

The ancient Egyptians called alabaster the stone of the “Sun Gods“. They believed if they were buried with it, the stone would draw their souls back toward the light.Spirit Healing Magic of Alabaster –  In meditation placing Alabaster a few inches above the head will help in the cleansing, clearing and balancing of all chakras. Alabaster can assist in the bridging of the conscious mind to the super conscious mind, allowing one to connect with one’s Spirit/Higher self. (A chakra median located outside the body and above one’s head).

Alabaster is a “drawing” stone meaning it has the ability to draw things to you or to draw things away from you, depending on what your needs are. It works wonderfully for drawing things of the Spirit to you, White alabaster summons the spiritual. Because alabaster is so soft, it does best with a sun’s cleansing. It can also draw forgiveness, whether it be you that needs self forgiveness or the ability to forgive someone that has done you wrong. It also draws energy from other stones as well, meaning you can “soak” up the energy of one stone and have the properties of both stones with you while only carrying the alabaster. It helps to draw anger out of a person and to release it.

Spirit Healing Magic of AlabasterAlabaster is used magically to symbolize purity, the whiter the stone the better. Encourages feelings of peace and calmness and can be used to combat stress, heal arguments or calm an angry household. A protective stone, especially for babies, children and anyone innocent at heart. Use in magic to increase your flexibility and make you more adaptable. Can be used to lessen the fear of change and help you cope with upheavals and problems. Alabaster teaches us that change is not ‘bad’ or something to be feared but is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. Alabaster draws a forgiveness nature to a person and in wearing this stone or meditating with it, a person has the ability to forgive others and even himself. It helps in gaining energy. Using Alabaster at home inspires positive in a person. It controls temper and diminishes anger from inside. It grows the light of peace in an individual. It inspires a person to view things in a new manner. It is a fantastic healing stone for any mental disorders. – Spirit Healing Magic of Alabaster

When lit from within, the amber veins and ivory patterns in the candle hurricanes tell their own story. The yellow, gold and white tones magically become gray, blue, and red. The beauty of alabaster is that there are no two pieces alike, making each unique in its own right. Whether with you in the bath, the bedroom or lighting your way under the stars, the Egyptian alabaster stone will draw you in. Alabaster is the only natural stone which is translucent with light.Alabaster is a natural insulator, feeling warm to touch when compared to a more ordinary rock or quartz crystal. Sheets of clear crystals can be easily peeled from a a larger specimen Magical Alabaster Commonly referred to as Salt of the Earth – this mineral is made up of the same composition as our saline human bodies. This may help us begin to understand its ability to resonate so well with our physical body as well as our special facilitator from Mother Earth in transitioning from a more physical constitution, to a light bodied one.

This sub-stone is a kind of gypsum. In ancient time, people of Egypt used this substitute. It is one of the softest Healing Magic Of Alabasterstone found in nature. Which is why it is used in jewelry and craft work such as vases, lampshades, candle holders, etc.. it is mainly found in Egypt and Italy. It is a very delicate sub-stone. so, it can be easily painted. Originally it is of white colour with a hue of lemon colour and it is used in various manners..

It should be used very carefully as Alabaster is a very fragile crystal. Alabaster is also called the stone of art as it seems to have the ability to inspire a person’s creativity. eg, If an artist feels that something is out of their reach then they should wear this gemstone for it will bring out their talent. It works wonderfully for any individual in any area that they wish to work on… White colour is considered as the colour of the soul. It helps to take the soul of a person towards spirituality.

Alabaster stimulates brain activity and provides for clarity of mind, works well in facilitating clarity in areas of disputes and legal matters. By rubbing Alabaster with your thumb and forefinger one may activate the energies of this most conductive mineral. It is easily scratched if one uses their fingernails, so activation is best achieved by rubbing.

Alabaster is also excellent for the straightening of one’s spinal column, whether in the hand of energy workers or though ones own personal direction. Alabaster’s ability to direct energies is unparalleled in nature.

It can channel Healing Magic Of Alabasterlight much in the same way as fiber optics do, making this one of the most sought after minerals of this New Age.

It provides for us a direct corridor through its natural striations, allowing us to connect with universal light energy.

Spirit Healing Options:

  • ‘In House Spirit Healing’ ~ This healing time frame is variable and is usually about 20-40mins. However, It is recommended to allow an hour for your booking as sometimes, Spirit works over 40mins.  Bookings are essential and this healing can be done in person with me or by a Skype video call.
  • ‘Distant Spirit Healing’ ~ Click this link for a Distant Spirit healing between you, me and Spirit.

Spirit Healing Between You, Me and Spirit

Alabaster Malas



Alabaster, Selenite and Apophyllite are the only 3 minerals powerful enough to clear negative energies out of Quartz Crystals. Alabaster and Selenite is further unique in that they are the only mineral capable of programming Quartz Crystals.

Place any crystal, specimen or pocket stone you have been working with on top of your Alabaster… You can set a number of different stones all at once if you like and the Alabaster will clear any energies present and recharge your other crystals and stones. This will also greatly increase their energy.

Reprogramming is done this way. Just visualize how you want the energy of your Quartz crystal or other stone to perform.


Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Beings or Totem Animals can all be more easily contacted using Alabaster. Access your subconscious as well. Alabaster is very potent so be careful of your thoughts when working with it. Rub your Alabaster in an outward direction with two or three fingers. At the same time visualize and ask to contact a guide. Alabaster provides a bridge to other worlds.


Using a similar rubbing process, only use your thumb and rub along the ridges or striation lines of your Alabaster. Ask for access to your Past Lives. This sometimes happens very quickly so be prepared.


Alabaster is often used for clarity of mental processes. It was the original record keeping stone in Atlantean and Lemurian times. Using the same rubbing technique as for Past Lives, ask your Alabaster for passage to particular areas of knowledge. Many times that knowledge is given to you in dreaming or while astral travelling. When using your Alabaster in any of these ways or to amplify healing, make certain you use your inner powers/intent to wipe clean the energy that has been placed into the Alabaster.


Superior for psychic development and intuitive processes. A growing number of energy workers are finding Alabaster more useful and manageable than Quartz Crystal. Quartz has that uncompromising habit of amplifying everything, positive or negative. As a bridge to altered states of consciousness, Alabaster is an excellent tool for visualization, meditation and working with the subconscious. Goes to the source of physical disorders and provides insights into probable causes. Outstanding as a journeying tool for Shamans.


Its unique ability to connect and balance the Spiritual and Physical bodies enables Alabaster to do similar work between two persons. Alabaster is so powerful as a record keeper that couples can use a large Alabaster piece as a message centre. It tends to smooth out any difficulties due to unclear messages.


Working with the subtle bodies Alabaster pushes one to the area most in need of clearing and balancing. Its power in working with all of the chakras makes Alabaster a universal healing implement…. Alabaster is not like any other healing stone or wand that focuses its particular energy on a problem. Alabaster works like a tuner on a radio to discover locations of static in the aura. As your own awareness grows so will your use of this mystical mineral.