Shamanic Healing Journey for Soul Retrieval

Shamanic HealingShamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing – 3 Unique Audios are recordings that I have created in MP3 format for instant download… This Shamanic Healing Recording goes for Aprox 45mins (including into) and The Burn to Ashes Healing goes for approx 56mins. It is best to listen to both of them with headphones.

The Shamanic Healing – 3 Unique Audios are of a Shamanic Journey which will open you higher consciousness to allow your own Spirit Guides to work with you and provide profound healing for you…during this Shamanic Journey…. It will Shift, Lift and Release what no longer serves you from this life time and also very strong cutting of Karmic energy ties from your past life times.

They are both quite powerful in regards to getting you to go deeper within your sub-conscious and allowing you to release any/all negative vibrations and energy fields that you may be attracting into your aura field in this moment…

It is also a recording that can be used over and over again and you will experience new healing and shifting of Energy vibrations in whatever your current situation/issues are in any given moment/time… No matter how many times you re-use this Shamanic Healing Journey, you will always connect with your Higher Self and Your Guides in that moment.

“Musician of Your Life” audio Healing. This Healing is excellent for depression, lack of worth, lack of self confidence, a feeling of helplessness, etc, etc It is very powerful in shifting your state of mind and assisting you to raise your vibration (level of consciousness).

Shamanic Healing Journey for Soul Retrieval  

You will experience a Shamanic Healing Journey with these pre-recorded audios. I have pre-recorded myself channelling whilst traveling within the Spiritual Realm taking you with me on a shamanic journey to connect with your higher Spiritual Guides and Power Animals. I have also connected with my Higher guides to perform Spiritual Shamanic Healing through the mind power which will bring understanding and clarification to your current issues/circumstances, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual. 

Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Healing Journey Audio

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Shamanic Healing is one of the oldest spiritual healing practice’s. Traditional shamans would travel to the spirit Realm to assist in healing the spiritual as well as the physical ailments of a person and animal. They used many spiritual methods to achieve an altered state of consciousness which allowed them to connect with the Spirit Realms and to complete soul retrieval

Drumming and chanting were very common methods and are still used today. Journeying for soul retrieval is another very powerful method of the Shamanic Healing tools used by traditional shamanic indigenous cultures throughout the world. It is still practiced today and modern shamanism brings together ancient and modern wisdom by using powerful techniques of our ancient ancestors for you to discover their unique path to healing and well-being.

Shamanic Healing Journey for Soul RetrievalShamanism teaches that everything in existence is alive with spirit and that you are connected to all life everywhere . All disease, whether emotional or physical begins as an imbalance in your energy field which is in it’s entirety one with the spiritual realm.

A shamanic healer enters into this realm in an altered state of consciousness to connect with the higher Spiritual Guides and Power Animals for the purpose of seeking Spiritual Healing for you. The main objective of the Shaman is to clear spiritual energetic blockages from your Energy Body (aura), retrieving soul parts and inner power that has been lost and more often than not will bring back information or guidance for you from the Spiritual Realm

In Spirit, linear time does not exist and often the soul part and inner power is found in a situation that represents (symbolically or literally) what you are or were experiencing when the soul part left you. If a soul part and inner power fragment is caught up in a situation or issue (past,present or future) it is then continuously experienced within your energy field…it is, as if that situation or issue is still happening to you… Like you have become frozen in time and have a sense of being unable to move on.

Shamanic Healing Journeying is simply a shifting of the balance of your awareness from the Delusional Ego thinking mind to the more relaxed, lightness of the Spirit being mind (heart mind). People seek a Shaman to perform a shamanic healing journey in order to heal body, mind and spirit and also to receive information regarding life decisions, access their spiritual guides, find spiritual teachers, heal from long standing issues, or gain understanding about illness, life events, and life purpose.

Soul RetrievalShamanic Healing Journey for Soul Retrieval

According to many indigenous cultures, imbalance or illness is caused by ‘soul loss’ and this can happen in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Parts of your energy system can fragment during any traumatic event causing a loss of vital life force. Over time, this loss of energy may manifest as physical or emotional based problems.

Some signs of soul loss are:

  • Inability to let go of the past
  • Addictive Behavior
  • Undesirable behaviors/emotions
  • Pain and Chronic Illness
  • Post-traumatic Stress
  • Depression / Detachment
  • Feeling of something missing
  • Chronic fatigue

  • Spaciness, lack of presence
  • Panic or phobias
  • Inability to connect to life
  • Chronic Pain
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anger or rage
  • Chronic worry or fear
  • Sleep disturbance

In a Soul Retrieval session the lost soul parts and inner power are retrieved and returned to you so that you can begin the process of integration and begin to heal. Profound changes occur in the way you experience life. The changes are permanent as you integrate the returned parts of yourself and begin to experience wholeness.

You will notice yourself responding positively to situations and people that were former emotional triggers. You may also notice an increased sense to ‘Love Life’. You will notice relationships changing for the better and people, places and things that no longer serve you will drop away. You will interact with the immediate presence and inner balance because more of your true self is accessible to you. When you are experiencing oneness, you live from a centered place and are easily able to direct your own life from your heart, your true ‘inner knowing’.

Twin FeatherzI look forward to connecting, clearing, shifting and exchanging the Shamanic Healing Journey with you… I am available in person for an In House  Shamanic Healing Journey or an interactive Shamanic Healing Journey Online via Skype and as I have already explained, I do not need to have you with me in person. I only require a photo to enable me to connect with your Energy Field.

A Testimonial:
“I have 2 spiritual healing mp3’s from Donna and they are amazing! Very soothing and calming and cleansing. Your amazing, thanks!!”