remove a hexRemove a Hex, Spell or Dark Energy that’s been cast upon you with this Powerful Invocation Spell.


  • Ingredients
    1. A piece of paper on which you write the perpetrator’s name and that which you will turn it into a Sigil
    2. Powdered cayenne pepper and Sea salts
    3. A small glass jar/bottle or freezer bag
    4. Incense & candles
    5. A mirror & Table

  • The Method to Remove a Hex or Dark Energy
    • Gather your ingredients. At Night-time (11pm is a good time), burn some incense and light a few candles around the room.
    • Set up a table with a mirror on top and place a candle in front of it.
    Stand or sit in front of the mirror, knock on it three times and say:
  • “Spirit’s Above, Spirit’s Below & Spirit’s Within, Open the Way.” Knock three times again and say “Spirit’s of All, Let Me In!.”
    • Feel the energy within you ‘shift and change’ and as you do, Call upon the “Powerful Spirits of All” to bear witness as you “bind and Transmute < name >  .”
    • Draw a line through the person’s name and then Read out loud the following:
  • “On the head of that speaker which encircles me about, let the mis-deeds and evil words of their own lips Dispel into the infinite waters of Nun”.
    “Bring down the burning flame to ignite their mis-guided words, deeds and actions: let their mis-guided intentions be cast into the Flaming Fire; into the infinite depths, so that they NOT rise up again.”
    ” Remove a Hex and the evil speaker from <name> so that it can NOT be re-established in any shape, form or matter ”
  • • Put the slip of paper in the glass jar or bottle and half fill with water.
    • Place 1 Tablespoon each of the Sea salts & the cayenne pepper into the jar or bottle.
    • Seal it with a slip of paper over the opening and candle wax and then shake it up vigorously. As you shake the bottle/jar/bag say “I bind and Transmute you <name>!” over and over – 13 times
    • Put it in the freezer and forget about it.
    • Thank and dismiss the All Powerful Spirits and ask them to please close ‘The Way.’

Complete by chanting the Yakini Yakini Mantra 

Yakini Yakini (my positive resolve) ( I Am protected by My Positive)

~ Repeat 3 times and each time, say and visualize ~

“The Light surrounds me, The Light comes through me, I AM the Light, Yakini Yakini”
“The Light surrounds me, The Light comes through me, I AM the Light, Yakini Yakini”
“The Light surrounds me, The Light comes through me, I AM the Light, Yakini Yakini”

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Expelling of the content after it has done its work.

This spell seems quite simple. However, it is a fairly potent hex. So when it has completed its job you must not just throw it into the trash.Put on some gloves before you remove it from the freezer.Wrap it in newspaper and then bury it into the earth so that Mother Nature can transmute and bless it back to clean energy.

Twin Featherz