Psychic Reading Testimonials and Reviews

Psychic Reading Testimonials and Reviews

I am always receiving wonderful Psychic Reading Testimonials and Reviews in regards to my services and much too numerous to post on this page. I truly am grateful for all the love that is shared 

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Below is an example of a few Testimonials


Hello Donna

Firstly I need you to know that today you gave me my life back, I feel like there are no words that truly express my gratitude. You are truly sent from above, your ability to connect with me today and the things that you described was 150% accurate and breathtaking, all in one.

The reassurance, genuineness and empathy shown by you during my reading was such a beautiful and rare experience. A situation that I had found myself in which had truly impacted on my life for many years, was removed within less than 5 minutes by you.

I have freedom again and my star is shining so very brightly because of you. I’m truly blessed to have found someone as talented and gifted as you.

God bless you

Forever grateful Katrina


Miss Donna Marie, 

I was blown away in a good way lol…. I promise to keep you posted as the year progresses….:) thank you so much for these insights. Hands down you are one of the best mediums I have ever met through out my life adventures!!!!! I know you are many many miles away and the email communications may take a little longer than if we were closer…. But when you do open this message know you have made a difference with someone ….. I know people come to you with issues of all kinds but you’re honesty and clarity by means of your gifts, brings people release, joy, even peace…. Thank you so much…..for this peace…. Will recommend you to friends and family for certain…. Hugs🌹Nancy



Dear Donna Marie, 

Thank you so much for this incredible reading. Once again the things you mention is just mind blowing. One fun detail which i forgot to mention to you, is how you pronounced my name in the audio TRULY PERFECTLY. Not many know how to pronounce my name and yet you who dont even know me know exactly how to pronounce my name,,, this is incredible. Its crazy how EVERY single info you mention is linked with what i do and perhaps could do or about to do. I can totally relate to it all, its not like its some generic reading you gave me, truly its like a tailor made reading only for me. I cant wait for all of these changes to cross my path, and your reading gave me so much positive energy and it charged my soul i feel. Thank you so much Donna Marie for a quick respond as well and taking your time to do this.

Truly a gift!!!!

Wish you a lovely Sunday Donna Marie and may happiness, love and light always surround you

Regards Lisa


Dear Donna Marie, 

Oh my god i am speechless, you truly left me speechless with this audio reading. This was the very first time i ever had a audio reading done for me and im having goose bumps right now. There is no way you could have known all of those details you mentioned in your audio and yet you listed ALL of them wow. This is beyond amazing the reading you have done for me. I have no words. God bless you…indeed you have this amazing gift. For the past 2 years i have had many readings done and YOUR reading is by far THE BEST and THE MOST accurate reading i ever had in my entire life. I have no idea once again how you could list all those details without even knowing my background or anything. This is incredible.  Truly thank you once again dear and im looking forward to listening to the last part of the audio.

Thank you from Bella


Hey Donna Marie,

I hope by saying thank you, you can actually feel how grateful I am when I say it. You really are something else when you deliver a message. Yes the message you had for me was quite along what I wanted to/expected to hear as I am certainly not resonating with my education any more and the pull of my spiritual nature is undeniable.  At the same time I wanted to prove myself to ‘other’s ‘ without being true to myself and hence I wanted to pursue my degree. Although now I will definitely reconsider my options as I need to stand in my power like you said.  Okay enough from me.  I cannot thank you enough. Your readings and healing are like treats for me from the universe, I always look forward to them and cherish them. Thanks again 🙂  Off to fill the guestbook .    Sending so much love to you xoxo



Hi Donna!

Thank you soooo much for the reading, it truly put a smile on my face and there was a lot I could relate to. I was so shocked when you mentioned that I was in disbelief at one point, cause not even 5 seconds before I had actually said out loud “I can’t see how this will happen”. It truly was a great reading, and I’m hoping everything you’ve predicted comes true, because my life would simply be perfect. Thank you so much again 🙂

Luc (pronounced like Luke by the way, only written in french 😀 )


Dear Donna Marie, 

You did a photo reading for my last week and I am writing to say how spot on you were with my reading….I have visited quite a few psychics over the years and you are the most accurate one. I will be using you again. Thanks again, you opened my eyes up to a situation in my life…thanks. Cheers Fiona

LIGHTNING HIT !!!!!! For so long I have kept things inside, it’s been so hard to trust. Trust is such a big issue for me . I never intended to share so much, not because of you, but because of fear, fear of getting hurt fear off been betrayed, by trust. The time we have shared in such a short time ” lighting hit “ I felt for the first time, I could trust in such a short time. It means so much more then you will ever know. I want to thank-you for your genuine sincerity, your honesty, your encouragement, and your advice. This I value with you, and hold dear all this and so much more. I will be sure to honour and never betray you in anyway, what we have shared and hopefully will share stays with me and me only. Your presence is a gift to this world, your unique and one of a kind. You have given me strength and inspiration to see tomorrow. Just know that I hold you special, and thank-you for all you have said and done.