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Is a recorded message sent to you via email.

***I will channel Spirit and seek answers and info to your questions ***

I require from you:

  • Your full Name & That of anyone whom you are asking about
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Question/s
  • A recent Picture of yourself and people in question.
  • Email your details & pics to:
  • You will receive your reading usually within a 24-48hr time frame

Voicemail Psychic Reading Options

I endeavor to do the readings in less than 3 days or sooner. Please be specific with your detailed questions for then I will receive a clearer picture into the answers that you seek… be honest, frank and do not be afraid to reveal your fears. It is important that I understand your question(s) and its meaning so that I can focus on what you need answering, so please ensure your question is clear, specific and unambiguous, and is not a question within a question. There is not time to decipher vague or incoherent questions, as I want to focus on the information you need answering.

To avoid any delays in completing your psychic reading please ensure your information is specific and easy to understand as requested. The more clear your question, the more detailed your answer will be. Also, add names, photo’s and dates of birth of anyone mentioned in your question if applicable.

All purchase are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE.
All purchase are charged for the Time that it takes (not for the information received) for me to Read for you or to preform your Spirit Healing.

Everything I receive for a Psychic Reading Options is channeled, I am a Psychic clairvoyant and I see images. I hear my information in words and my strong sense of inner ‘knowing’ clarifies the information that I receive from Spirit.  I do not use tarot or other oracles, nor do I provide ‘cheap psychic readings’.  Every insight, guidance and information that I receive for you comes from Spirit, channeled through my higher self.  The insight, wisdom and knowledge that is receive is usually relevant to you in whatever your current situation/circumstance.