Host a Psychic Party for Individual Psychic Readings

Twin Featherz Psychic Party

 Host A Twin Featherz Psychic Party 

Hosting your own Twin Featherz Psychic Party is easy, value for money and loads of fun for you and your guests…  Make your next get-together or party a Unique and memorable one,  as well as gaining an enlightening glimpse into your future…

Organise your Twin Featherz Psychic Party Now! 

Everyone is entertained with the divination tools that I will bring along for fun and games whilst each guest has their individual personal Psychic reading with me. The time of the individual readings are determined by the numbers at the party.  * For example a 2 hour party with 8 people will receive a 10-15 min psychic reading each. 

To set the perfect mood for an awesome Twin Featherz Psychic Party, I highly recommend that you host a theme so as to make the atmosphere come alive and to welcome Spirit… Light a few candles, burn some incense and lay out a table of food/beverage offerings…  I will begin with one of the guests in the private room whilst the remainder of guests are mixing & mingling together with the various divination tools that I will also bring along for added entertainment.

A Twin Featherz Psychic Party is Great for Hens nights, Bridal / Baby shower, Birthday’s, work functions, anniversaries, co-workers, etc.…you name it!

Your guests will love the event and talk about it for a long time to come.

 My fees are $130 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

I require:

  • So that I can read for each guest in private, I will require a separate room with a small table with a candle in the center and 2 chairs. 
  • I request from each guest, that they have questions in mind, any pics (on mobile phone is fine) and an open mind. 
  • each guest to bring their own recording device. ie; mobile phone
  • A Booking deposit of $60 which is part of your total payment. Payable by the Paypal Link below.
  • A Cancelation fee of $60 if cancelled within 2 days of the booked date. (this is the booking deposit which is not refunded.)
  • To book your party call me or text me on 0466949885 or email me at

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