Dear Followers,
Thank you for your interest in my services. For those that are asking for ‘Free Psychic Readings and/or refunds…
As a rule, I do not give refunds and nor do I give ‘free’ services….. I charge for my time, not for the information that is received from Spirit. Everything really is through energy exchange. If there is no exchange made then it will cause a karmic debt on both ends…. (this is Law of Nature)
For example, If I were to give you a ‘free’ reading and receive no exchange from you then it may very well create a karmic ripple effect, not only on you but on me too!
The karmic effect, for instance may be that you create more ‘lack of money’ for yourself and for me, it may be that it would create a block in my business…. Or worse, ‘self integrity’….
So ….. I have received from Spirit, a resolution to this little issue…. All you need to do is offer an energy exchange of some sort… You are wanting something from me that benefits you so therefore you would do well to offer something to me that would benefit me in exchange….
I have come up with a solution to this exchange….
All you need to do is Refer two ‘paying’ clients to the value of $25 or more (they may be friends, family, acquaintances] to me (whom will state your referral in their details)
and once I have received their payments, then I will go ahead and read (limited to 3Q) for you as the currency exchange. 🙂
How does that sound? You may use the following links (current reviews and testimonials) to assist you.
Love and Hugs
Donna Marie ~*~

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