How To Find A Good Psychic – What To Do – What To Expect

How To Find A Good Psychic – What To Do – What To Expect

How To Find A Good Psychic – What To Do – What To Expect

As a Psychic myself, I am often asked on How To Find A Good Psychic or “What type of psychic reading is the best?” or “How can I get a good psychic reading?” and “Where do I find a good psychic?” and then following those questions will be further questions like What To Do and What To Expect questions.

My response is usually suggesting getting referrals from family, friends. Ask around, take notes and follow up on their advice.
Read reviews on social media platforms. Also, google the name of the psychic to see what comes up in terms of reviews. Such as; ‘Twin featherz’ that’s me 😊 Then you will see firsthand whether that psychic is worth looking further in to.
• Highly expensive psychics ($200 +) are not always the best. Often, you will find the less expensive and moderate rate psychics have more content and value to offer. The average rate for a good psychic these day is anywhere between $120 and $180 (USD) for 1 hour. Which is the same as your average therapy session.
• Always go with your Gut Feeling, your Intuition. How do you ‘feel’, what’s your ‘vibe’ when you are speaking with the reader? Ask a couple of questions before you agree to have a reading from him or her. If you do not get a good ‘vibe’ or ‘feeling’ then that is simply telling you that the reader is not syncing in with your energies and therefore will not read you well or with integrity.
• Anyone that says that you are cursed with ‘this or that’ and tries to convince you to pay out a sum of money for him or her to remove the curse is simply using your vulnerability to get more money from you. YOU ARE NOT CURSED! Do not buy in to it. Remember that.
• There is no difference in what type of psychic reading that you choose in terms of reading energy. For example, I have many options to choose from.

  1. A VoiceMail psychic reading is a recorded message that I channel from Spirit. Its emailed to you.
  2. Phone Call or WhatsApp Call is where we speak over the phone.
  3. Skype Video Call is done online through the webcam.
  4. In person which is where you and I are in the same room.

In every one of these different type of scenarios, I am reading your energy. You do not have to be with me in person for me to effectively read your energy. The information received from Spirit is no different from one type of reading to the other. It is personal preference as to which one you choose.

At Your Appointment

  • It is important to have an open mind and relax. There is no need to be nervous. The experience will be better than a counselling session 😊
  • Sit comfortably as if you are sitting with your best friend. The best readings come about through honest, relaxed and open clients.
  • Allow the reader to do the talking. Do not ask questions until asked to do so.
  • Listen and be open to the information that is given to you. Take notes and see what comes to fruition in the future. Remember, nothing is ‘set in stone’. Anything that the reader gives you is insight into your future as a probability.
  • It is always good to come with questions. Your questions will most likely be answered throughout your reading. However, just in case they are not you have them written down ready to be asked. This way you will get the most out of your reading and won’t kick yourself later for not asking.
  • Most psychics are empaths. They will ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ your emotional pain and will sometimes unexpectedly have a flood of tears. Do not be alarmed, this is actually spirit healing taking place and is releasing some of that pent-up energy that you have stored in your own energy field.
  • When it is time to ask your questions, Be honest, frank and do not be afraid to reveal your fears. It is important that the psychic understands your questions and its meaning so that he or she can focus on what you need answering, so ensure that your question is clear, specific and unambiguous, and is not a question within a question. The clearer that your are, the more clearer and detailed the reading will be.

What to Expect from Your Psychic Reading

  • Time: The average psychic reading will usually range anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Some psychics are very good at giving you a lot of information in as little as twenty minutes. However, If you have a lot of topics to cover, you will need to consider more time.
  • Details: A good psychic will give you details and possible solutions and remedies.
  • Timeframes: A good psychic will most likely give you possible time frames and dates, etc. However, It is hard to predict time as there is no time in Spirit. No clocks.
  • Predictions: Predictions are usually for the next several months or so. However, it is very normal for some predictions not to come to pass for several years or so. Again, there is no time in Spirit.
  • Personality and Present: Psychics will generally speak of your past and present and how they do and do not affect your situation now. They may also speak of your personal traits, values, beliefs and conditioning to further explain your past, present or future.
  • How you Feel: After your reading is complete, you should be left in a state of feeling inspired and uplifted. Enthused about your possible future and have a new sense of direction and clarity. Above all, you should be with peace of mind and HaPpY with your reading.

Important Information to Consider

  • When you find a good psychic, then give them the credit that they deserve and recommend them to others. Also add them to your Trusted contacts and go back to them for future readings. There are heaps of average psychics out there with the rare ones that are over and above average in between. It is not often that you will come across a good psychic.
  • Remember, nothing is ever written in stone. Everything is energy and energy is always changing, shifting and transforming. If there is something that you do not resonate with in your reading, you can always change it. A good psychic reading can tell you of upcoming opportunities and can also warn you of times to be cautious. For example; If I were to read you energy and say something like “I feel that may be conned into signing a document that you will later regret, be waring of a salesman”. Then later that week, you will be out and about doing your usual shopping errands and you are randomly pulled over to a desk of delicious chocolate fudge. The Young attractive man offers you a sample of the delicious fudge and before you know it, you are signing up to a 12-month supply of the stuff delivered to your door! So in that moment of you signing the contract, you will either remember what I said or wont. This will determine if you change your destiny of that situation or not. 😊 Get it? You are always in control of your own destiny. You are the driver of your own bus. Your thoughts, actions, choices that you make is what determines your destiny.

A good psychic of integrity is honest, sincere and will show you good intentions. A good psychic will encourage you to believe in yourself and to trust your own intuition moving forward. You will most likely ‘feel’ a personal connection with your chosen psychic right away. Sometimes you may walk away from your chosen psychic thinking ‘I didn’t get much out of that’. When this happens, remain open minded, be patient and trust that what has been revealed will open to you in ways that you least expect.
There is a whole lot more that can be written about this subject. However, I have covered the basics and enough information to help you in finding a good psychic.

let me know if you have any questions in relation to this topic. Reply in the comment box below and I will answer just as soon as I can.

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‘Free’ Psychic Reading

Dear Followers,
Thank you for your interest in my services. For those that are asking for ‘Free Psychic Readings and/or refunds…
As a rule, I do not give refunds and nor do I give ‘free’ services….. I charge for my time, not for the information that is received from Spirit. Everything really is through energy exchange. If there is no exchange made then it will cause a karmic debt on both ends…. (this is Law of Nature)
For example, If I were to give you a ‘free’ reading and receive no exchange from you then it may very well create a karmic ripple effect, not only on you but on me too!
The karmic effect, for instance may be that you create more ‘lack of money’ for yourself and for me, it may be that it would create a block in my business…. Or worse, ‘self integrity’….
So ….. I have received from Spirit, a resolution to this little issue…. All you need to do is offer an energy exchange of some sort… You are wanting something from me that benefits you so therefore you would do well to offer something to me that would benefit me in exchange….
I have come up with a solution to this exchange….
All you need to do is Refer two ‘paying’ clients to the value of $25 or more (they may be friends, family, acquaintances] to me (whom will state your referral in their details)
and once I have received their payments, then I will go ahead and read (limited to 3Q) for you as the currency exchange. 🙂
How does that sound? You may use the following links (current reviews and testimonials) to assist you.
Love and Hugs
Donna Marie ~*~


What Now? – Further Information

What Now? Further Information.

If you have purchased:

  • Voicemail Psychic Reading – Forward your details to

    Your details that I require:

    * Your name and that of anyone else whom you are enquiring about.
    * Your date of birth and that of anyone else if you have it.
    * A recent pic of yourself and that of whom you are asking about if you have it.
    * Your questions.
    * Your email address.

    I look forward to connecting with you.

  • Distant Spirit Healing – Please email me your name, your date of birth, a picture of yourself and a brief description of your ailments. I will preform your Spirit Healing specific to you and have your Spirit messages back to you within a day or two.
  • Phone, WhatsApp or Skype Session – Once your Booking is made, call me at your scheduled time. You may send pics in advance if you like.
  • WhatsApp Number: +61 466949885
  • Skype Name: twinfeatherz
  • *** PLEASE NOTE ~ If I have not received your details within 2 weeks of payment, your reading will be considered completed. I do not keep records of past readings what so ever, so please do not email me after 2 weeks of payment saying that you did not send me your details or receive your reading. It is your responsibility to send me your details. I do not give refunds, I charge for The Time that it takes to read for you. Not for the information received.




The Children of Syria | $720.00 in Donations, So Far ♥

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Hi Donna Marie,

Thank you for your generous donation to support children in crisis.

Your heartfelt donation will now be used to continue protecting children forced to flee in Syria and other emergencies so that each and every child is granted the chance to survive and thrive, even in the midst of ongoing conflict.

You’ll find the details of your donation below, and since all donations over $2 are tax deductible, we will send you a consolidated receipt at the end of the financial year.

It’s because of your support that UNICEF is able to be there for vulnerable children around living in crisis. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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Visit an Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Healer

Visit an Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Healer

Visit an Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Healer

Open your heart chakra for the ability to receive Spiritual Healing from an intuitive spiritual psychic healer. All you need to do to reap the benefits of a spiritual healer is to open up your Heart, Trust, Let Go and have Faith in ‘knowing’ that the Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Healer is there for you with empathy and compassion and that he or she will bring about a very positive and uplifting Healing session specifically for you. Visit an Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Healer

If you are feeling that your mental, astral, or higher energetic levels are out of balance, you would do well to seek assistance in re-aligning and balancing your Mind, Body and Soul. You are probably wondering  how you can do this if you are so far away from the healer him or herself.  However, there is No to worry because,  Whether you are sitting right next to a  healer or far away, the strength and efficacy of the process will be the same. It all has to do with channeled Universal Energy and the connection that the Healer has with it and with you.

You may be concerned about your future and feel that you need healing that you yourself cannot offer. This is when you know you need to seek the help of a psychic healer. He or She will be able to channel and connect with your inner energies (your Higher Self) and locate the divine higher realm of spiritual awakening within you.

Contact a spiritual healer today to begin this wonderful process and to find the passion and the devotion you so desire in your life. It is there. You just need to find someone who has Psychic Healing ability and knows how to access it, someone who works with the Universal, Wisdom, Love, and Truth on a daily basis and who is aware of the wonderful nature of reading someone’s heart chakra. Do not delay, contact a spiritual psychic healer today.  He or She is there to assist you.