Donna ~ Raven Sky | Twin Featherz – Bio

Donna ~ Raven Sky | Twin Featherz – Bio

Psychic Raven Sky | Twin Featherz ~ Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Medium  

Psychic Raven Sky | Twin Featherz

Hi and welcome!

I am Donna ~ Raven Sky | Twin Featherz A Psychic and Spiritual Medium and I would like to share a little about who I am and what I do.

I believe that as a genuine Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Medium, I will always encourage others to go within, meditate believe and trust in their own inner power of Love, in order to develop their own spiritual abilities.  

Every living being has a direct connection with the Life Force Source and my universal wish is that everyone becomes aware of their own divinity, so that we can as a whole collective consciousness change our lives and the state of the planet for the highest good and intentions.

I work with the power of the Universal Energy, within, without and completely inline with my Higher Self (Soul Star Chakra) and Lower self (Earth Star Chakra). I channel in this Energy with the intention of Love, Light and complete Healing to the core of the ailment, whether that be Body, Mind or Soul and this is what manifests the Fire within me. Twin Featherz

Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Medium Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Medium

These two photos were taken in Egypt at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, in May 2013.

The photo to the right, >I feel and sense Spirit

 and as you can see in the picture to the left,<- there is indeed a Spirit Orb right there. 


Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Healing is part of every person’s Life Force Energy to utilize his or her own ‘inner power’ to heal one self or others for personal growth at a physical, mental and soul level.

Everybody is born with psychic healing abilities. However,  most of us don’t use it. The majority of us are born into the Western way of thinking, and psychic ability is not on the school curriculum. In many ways this just shows how ‘being part of the Herd’ (like cattle/sheep) we are as a race, not to mention the total collective ignorance which is everywhere in the society that we live in.

When I am doing Psychic Readings & Intuitive Spiritual Healing, whether it be by in person, email, online or distance, it is always channeled from Spirit,  which I believe is complete Universal light Force Energy.

I see everything that I predict in

  • ‘Visionary form’  (Clairvoyance) to see clearly of auras, spirits, energy, future direction, path etc
  • ‘Inner knowing’  (Claircognizance) intuition or gut feeling at a heightened level.
  • ‘Inner hearing’   (Clairaudience) to hear sounds,and vibrations not audible to the human ear.
  • ‘Inner Feeling ‘  (Clairsentience) is a heightened clear ‘feeling and sensing’ (physical, emotional) 
  • ‘Speak information received from Spirit’ (Channeling) allow an etheric world intelligence to enter one’s mind and impress thoughts.

Everything I receive for a psychic reading  is channeled, I am a Psychic clairvoyant and I see images. I hear my information in words and my strong sense of inner ‘knowing’ clarifies the information that I receive from Spirit.  I do not use tarot or other oracles, nor do I provide ‘cheap psychic readings’.  Every insight, guidance and information that I receive for you comes from Spirit, channeled through my higher self.  The insight, wisdom and knowledge that is receive is usually relevant to you in whatever your current situation/circumstance.

I can generally source any information that you ask once you give me your name and age and that of any other person in question. I can describe your emotional condition, the situation and events occurring in your life at present or the events surrounding the other person. I can see the condition of your personal relationships, your health or your love life. I am able to read energy from any personal connection that I have with you, such as your voice on the telephone, a photograph and your personal presence via the internet such as Skype. 
I consider my psychic readings a healing for you, as we are working with Spirit directly. I connect directly to the universal energy of love (I refer to as Spirit) to gain insight and provide choices for your life path.The information that I receive is directly from Spirit and this information may or may not have any relevance in your life at this time and depending on the choices that you make, what I reveal to you will most likely come to fruition in the near future. 

I have enjoyed my Intuitive Spiritual Abilities as far back as I can remember and have also enjoyed the countless readings and Spirit healing that I have provided for seekers from all over the world thanks to the internet, friends, loyal clients and you.

Please note, that my work as a Psychic is just as accurate in your e-mail reading as it would be if we were face to face and it will provide you with the answers, solutions or a different view to your pressing questions or issues.

The word psychic has Greek heritage and arises from the word psyche: “The concept of self that encompasses our understanding of soul, spirit, and mind”. By lifting the veil of your ignorance and looking directly into the eyes of your  fears, you are then free to choose how you will direct, create and engage the future with knowledge and wisdom, and expand your awareness into time, distance, and space.