Distant Spirit Healing By Raven Sky – Spiritual Medium

Your Distant Spirit Healing

I do one session. However, I do place your picture on my healing table and ask the ‘God’s’ above to continue to work with you to assist the process further.

I record the message that I receive after the healing has completed. This is usually a message of about 5-10mins and it will be about whatever comes through form Spirit about your healing. The recording is sent to you in MP3 format via email. Purchase from the link below.

Distant Spirit Healing By Raven Sky - Spiritual Medium

Distant Spirit Healing

FAQ – About Of Work


Distant Spirit Healing By Raven Sky – Spiritual Medium – I will channel Spirit and connect with your vibration frequencies through the energetic connection that I have with you, myself and Spirit. You will effectively receive the healing that is summoned to you from the Spirits, your guides and also the Angels if they are required.


The Spirit Healing process will take anywhere between 20-45mins. You may or may not notice anything. The changes and healing is often on a subtle vibration level. However, sometimes it can be very obvious. In most cases, the sensations that are felt are feelings of emotional relief, ie; tears suddenly stop, anger subsides, anxiety stops, etc… Sensations of tingly in the body, coolness/warmness of the body, electrical impulses, etc are often felt through the body.
Whatever takes place, you can be sure to receive a Healing on some level. Most times it is very obvious and a feeling of enlightenment will wash over you. After the Healing process, I will channel Spirit to receive any messages specifically for you. I will record myself channeling and then send that recording to you. There is often a wealth of information that is received.


  •  A recent picture of yourself ( no glasses)
  • Your Name and Date of Birth
  •  Your symptoms, ailments and/or concerns
I will also send you a bonus pr-recorded (self-hypnosis) Spirit Healing that I had created myself many years ago. It is a recording of myself channeling Spirit and being guided to speak through a mediative/trance like meditation process that assists you to go deeper within your sub-conscious to create healing and also to connect and receive messages/answers from your own Spirit Guides and/or loved ones.
This recording goes for about 60 mins and you can listen to it as many times and as often as you wish. Each time that you do, you will receive new insight, guidance, and Spirit Healing.
I look forward to Connecting with you and helping you to Heal within.

Distant Spirit Healing By Raven Sky - Spiritual Medium

Distant Spirit Healing By Raven Sky – Spiritual Medium