So often at times people think that living a spiritual life through meditation is easy or at least it should be. For instance, some people think that SPIRITUAL LIFE THROUGH MEDITATIONmeditation should happen instantly and then is quite disappointed when it does not. However, in order to live a spiritual life or at least at it’s best, it becomes necessary for a person to develop a deep and profound devotion to Spirit/God… like a sense of worship by developing a strong affection to the divine.

Spiritual people have come to realize that all life is sorrowful and challenging. When life becomes challenging then a spiritual person would develop a higher attuned state of being with the divine, to receive help from the higher spiritual realms. A spiritual person will then begin to live a life through meditation in order to develop that higher attuned state of being.

Anyone coming into material nature has an association with sorrow in some form or another and the spiritual person knows that to rise above these challenges is to become enlightened. Meditation with a mental state of contemplation and centering and a loving heart in silence will often bring clear answers and solutions to any challenge.

Time alone is of the up-most importance so as not to have resistance from your mind being devoted to higher truth, wisdom and knowledge. Everything that is gained in meditation practice, such as calmness, a sense of rest, a greater feeling of love and devotion, acceptance,etc.. Is applied to the world here after. The Great Silence helps one to become more at peace within.

MeditationIn meditation, you must achieve a sense of quietness in your personality. The highest devotion is when one transcends and merges with Spirit/God. Your heart becomes softened. Your inner silence deepens into a complete silence of profound stillness. When your loving heart is channeled toward the divine, it meets no resistance. So therefore, the idea is to totally quiet your mind, which will then enable the heart of compassion to be awakened in you.

There’s no limit to the flow of Sprit/God Love. If you move toward the Divine; the Divine moves toward you. You must develop balance and serenity in the face of prosperity and adversity and as a spiritual practitioner, you must develop the capacity of endurance against hardships.

Your lonesomeness allows you to absorb yourself in higher consciousness awareness and by being aware of Spirit/God become aware that Silence is the underlying base of this awareness. You must take time to think deeply; so as to start to discover your own immortality.