Spirit Energy Healing | Spiritual Healing

Spirit Energy Healing | Spiritual Healing

Spirit Energy Healing | Spiritual Healing

Spirit Energy Healing | Spiritual Healing  is always a unique experience for every individual, no matter how many times one receives this healing. I channel Spirit to be the conduit of powerful Healing Energy that seems to ethereally burn and disintegrate whatever it is in your energy Aura field that has or is manifesting in a negative emotional manner.

I work with the power of the Universal Energy (Life Force) and what the Ancient Egyptians called Seichim. While connecting and working with Seichim Energy, I Am completely inlign with my Higher Self (Soul Star Chakra) and Lower self (Earth Star Chakra). I channel in the Seichim Energy with the intention of Love, Light and complete Healing of the core of the ailment, whether that be Body, Mind or Soul and this is what manifests the Fire within me. It’s then automatically transferred through my hands into your Energy/Auric Field where it will transform the negative ailment/imbalance through Burning, cleansing, and clearing. Spirit Energy Healing | Spiritual Healing

I can not tell you what you will experience (if anything at all) as everyone is different and you will always experience a healing in different ways. You can be assured of a clearer mind,Spirit Energy Healing a feeling of emptiness/void within your self (area of ailment/imbalance) and a sense of release…. Your emotions will determine and Gauge how you react to the healing and the depth of it.  I have a strong ability to provide distant healing; with out you being in my physical presence and this is because I am working with Seichim Energy, not your physical body. .. All I require is a picture of you, your name and a brief description of your ailment/s.

Spirit Energy Healing Options:

  • Distant Spirit Healing ~ I require a recent pic of yourself. After the Healing process is complete, I will forward you the Message from Spirit via email. There is also an added bonus Pre-recorded Shaman Healing with this option.Click Here to Book A Distant Spirit Healing

Spirit Energy Spirit Orb - Dendera Temple

These two photos were taken in Egypt at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, in May 2013.

The photo to the right, >I feel and sense Spirit

 and as you can see in the picture to the left,< there is indeed a Spirit Orb right there. 

Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Healing is part of a person’s psychic ability to use his or her own power to heal others on a personal level, or just to heal others in general.

Everybody is born with psychic healing abilities. However,  most of us don’t use it. The majority of us are born into the Western way of thinking, and psychic ability is not on the school curriculum. In many ways this just shows how ‘being part of the Herd’ (like cattle/sheep) we are as a race, not to mention the total collective ignorance which is everywhere in the society that we live in.

When I am doing Psychic Readings & Intuitive Spiritual Healing, whether it be by in person, email, online or distance, it is always channeled from Spirit,  which I believe is complete Universal light Force Energy… I see everything that I  predict in ‘visionary form’ (clairvoyance) , ‘ inner knowing/sensory form’ (Clairsentience), ‘inner hearing’ (Clairaudience) in which I channel through by a higher force that I call Spirit, and although I work in a type of trance it is generally not at all noticeable to clients.

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I look forward to connecting with you and I truly am here to help you in any spiritual way that I can.

Raven Sky ~ Donna ~*~

I can not claim that the Spirit Energy Healing will cure you. However, you can expect TO A DEGREE or/and a complete shift/change in a clearer mind, clear thought pattern, release of sadness, grief, loss, pain an heartache…you can also expect a shift, change or release in physical symptoms to either disappear or subside and also anxiety, stress and panic attacks to reside/disappear.

Also a clearing of past-life karmic ties which is often related to physical symptoms or what is holding you back in this life time. 

All that I require is a summary of your symptoms/ailments/issues picture of yourself and your full name and date of birth. Like I said, I can not claim that a healing will ‘cure’ you but you will definitely get improvement in most if not all areas that you are suffering with.

I look forward to connecting, clearing, shifting and exchanging the Energy flow with you. Distant personalized Spirit Energy Healing as I have already explained, I do not need to have you with me in person. I only require a photo to enable me to connect with your Energy Field.

I also like to have Alabaster with me when I am channeling the Universal Spirit/Energy as I find that the energies that emanate from the crystal seems to magnify the experience 10 fold.


Alabaster in my experience, is the most powerful stone for assisting one’s ‘ego’ towards Spirituality and re-connecting with Spirit… It is an awesome stone for shifting, clearing and removing blocked negative energy cells that have created physical and mental health issues.

A Spirit Energy Healing will re-charge, re-energize and re-balance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. … During Spirit Healing work, the healing can be instantaneous while I am channeling Source whilst connected to Truth and Love with the Energy that flows, allowing it to flow where it is needed….The recipient is receptive and It is through this raised perception that the recipient begins to see a very clear, overall picture of their issue….

It’s important to remember that I as the healer, am simply a channel for pure positive All Love Energy which is naturally drawn from Spirit through Channeled Energy… The recipient is the one who is responsible for accepting and receiving the healing…. We as human beings often forget who we are and begin to focus on the negative or that which is unwanted, we create imbalances in our energy fields that can lead to dis-ease. The key to re-balancing the energy field is to focus not at all on what is not wanted (the ailment), but to visualize only what is wanted (perfect health) with positive expectancy. Finally, there are no hard rules for an A Psychic Energy Healing. It’s an intuitive and inspired process. Trust that if you set a high intention, all you have to do is allow magic to happen!The Alabaster Healing Process

The Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Healing process is a very powerful and direct channel to accessing the Great Universal Wisdom of Truth, Love and Light… It is a form of Energy Spirit Healing and will heal you on all levels of mind, body and Spirit.. An Alabaster Healing is very much the same as any energy work done through many energy healers/workers, etc… With the exception of the use of the Alabaster Rock (which I have sourced myself directly from the desert in Egypt)… The connection with the Alabaster Energy is very potent in that it cuts straight through your energy meridians and ‘Drawing out’ whatever there is that no longer serves you and it also has the unique ability to ‘Draw in’ the wonderful energy of Spirit in whatever form your body, mind and soul needs/requires at the time…. Alabaster is a “drawing” stone meaning it has the ability to draw things to you or to draw things away from you, depending on what your needs are. It works wonderfully for drawing things of the Spirit to you, It can also draw forgiveness, whether it be you that needs self forgiveness or the ability to forgive someone that has done you wrong. It helps to draw anger out of a person and to release it.

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Hello Donna Marie,

Words cannot even begin to describe how incredibly grateful I am for your profound, empowering and powerful Distant Healing you recently did for me. I am absolutely floored, it has honestly been one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life thus far. Consequently, that is the reason it has taken me days to write you, I didn’t know how to even begin to express my gratitude to you. Upon listening to your beautiful 1 hour audio, I immediately felt clearer and lighter, incredibly safe, nurtured and empowered, and there was a distinct shift in the energy through the guided meditation. I immediately was empowered to take clear action following the healing, and have been immensely inspired with clarity since.

Additionally, I was so thrilled that you connected and was accompanied with my “main man”, and guide, “Osandah”. And consequently, you in turn answered MANY questions through resurfacing my past lives with Osandah. The North American Tribe you described, were known as the “Thunder beings” or “Pèthakhuweyok”, there is little to no archaeological evidence left of them other than folklore, but I remember that life like it was yesterday, I reconnect with that past life frequently in my dreams and meditations, it is so amazing that you were shown that. Thank you so much.

Throughout the healing, as you guided through the severing of the “karmic cords”, my body literally convulsed, I had no idea how entwined and knotted I was in this regard, there was a very thick cord from my abdomen that was shown to me. However afterwards, there was an immediate swell and tsunami of white/ gold light that encompassed me quickly, it was cooling and immensely calming.

Donna. You’re an immensely gifted healer, and having you guide me through it, I knew I was safe and protected, and that is a terribly rare thing. Your fire energy is so profound, it truly encompasses your embodiment, it’s such a beautiful thing.

Thank you deeply for all your time and energy, Donna Marie. You have given me so much. You have found a client for life 🙂 Have a beautiful evening.

Love, Mikarla. xo

Hi Donna,

if I could present you with a bouquet of flowers I would love to ? During the dismemberment I had my eyes open however I was still conscious to the actions in the healing, I was focusing on watching it on a physical plane as white wisps broke free as I dismembered my hand, my lower arm, my upper arm, torso etc.

It was interesting. I was very emotional during it all and I remember after I reassembled myself, I experienced a full body quake, all I can remotely share the experience to is like the hot water running out in a shower and suddenly the water going cold, it was shocking, exasperating and refreshing all at the same time I had goosebumps on my arms. I capped it off by running 2 laps outside my courtyard lawn and kissing the two roses in my home address community garden which blossomed today 😀 That’s what you call pruning a tree 😉

The healing was marvellous, your ability is so expansive Donna, I’m unable describe it in words. I am so proud of myself that I found you after all this time. I feel like as if the new energy, the new me, anything positive can come forwards now and I look forward to dismembering myself on a weekly basis 😉

Yours Sincerely, Rebecca


Wow Donna Marie,

thank you very much. Had the strangest experience last night around the time you must have been connecting with my spirit. I just suddenly woke up excitable and thirsty, like I knew something was happening! Listened to the recording as soon as I woke up this morning and felt the change instantly, emotions were brought to the surface. Also, my face looked different in the mirror! Indescribable experience. I’ll continue to get so much healing out of this, can’t thank you enough.

Take care, much love, Molly x