Seichim - Ancient Egyptian Healing


Ancient Egyptian Healing 

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Seichim has a deep connection in Ancient Egyptian Times and it is pronounced as ‘Say Keym’. Seichim is also commonly known as Sekhem and the Egyptian word means ‘Power’ or ‘might’ ( Seichim meaning ‘ipoweri’ or ‘imighti’). Seichim is a conscious connected Universal living Light Energy and it is an Ancient modality of healing wisdom from the Ancient Egyptians.

Seichim – Ancient Egyptian Healing is the Healing Art that was practised by the Preist of the High Temples in Ancient Egypt.  Upon working/channeling with this Ancient Wisdom, the Seichim healing session will automatically empower the recipient, regardless of beliefs and values. Seichim transmutes and dissolves barriers to the Higher Self, it activates and strengthens the Light Body and will also awaken you to your connection with your guides and the source of All Love.

This Universal Living Light Energy is commonly used as a tool for personal and spiritual growth/transformation. The active use of Seichim establishes Healing and balancing of the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies. Seichim has been known to completely  dissolve, transform and heal complexities such as acute and chronic diseases, anxiety, fatigue, depression, frustration and stress  on all levels. It has also been known to heal eye problems, skin problems, joint problems, weight problems, sleep disorders and many many other common ailments. 

A Seichim – Ancient Egyptian Healing session may easily be given in person or through distant healing. The Seichim Vibrational Energy is transferred through the Energy field of the practitioner whilst Channelling the Seichim Energy.  The practitioner is a conduit of the Seichim Energy Feild, receiving and transferring it on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It usually and commonly travels through the practioners hands which is placed on or above the recipients body. In Distance Healing, it travels through the practitioners psychic vision and 100% Intention and focus through the third eye and crown Chakras. Seichim – Ancient Egyptian Healing

Spirit Healing Options:

  • ‘In House Spirit Healing’ ~ This healing time frame is variable and is usually about 20-40mins. However, It is recommended to allow an hour for your booking as sometimes, Spirit works over 40mins.  Bookings are essential and this healing can be done in person with me or by a Skype video call.