Re-Awakening  Spiritual Enlightenment 


Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment

 Spiritual Enlightenment            Gateways to Higher Consciousness: Meditations from Spirit

Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment is when a human being has become aware of more inner peace, inner calmness, serenity and a way of living in the world without the feeling of being disturbed by the world. The ultimate goal for a human being in life is to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment so as to answer such questions as “who am I?”, “What is my purpose?” What is this all for?” etc, etc…


However, human beings have simply forgotten their true divinity, their true nature and all human beings are in fact already Spiritually Enlightened. The true Self is that reality, beyond the realm of time and space which is consciousness and the idea is to direct the mind towards that which is true. That is to raise our vibrations and to do that we must raise our level of consciousness.

 Spiritual Enlightenment            Gateways to Higher Consciousness: Meditations from Spirit

To Aspire to Higher Consciousness, we must surrender the ego everyday, every moment, every breath…. We must recognize ourselves as that, which is enlightening Self as well as others…. Be the source of Spirit in the lives of others. The whole idea is that we are trying to re- integrate ourselves to bring Self back to understanding, back to the Spirit in you… there is only Self…Oneness.


There is four aspects to our personality:- Will, Intellect, Emotions and Action and all of these four aspects must be integrated in order to achieve Higher Consciousness….Will is integrated through meditation, Emotion is integrated through devotion, Action is integrated by truth (conscious action) and Intellect is integrated through study of philosophy, wisdom teachings and knowledge. We must continuously be giving of ourselves by transmuting our focus of our mind to forever seeking a more higher, bigger vision of Self… Oneness.


Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment ..To begin on this Spiritual Journey of gaining Higher Consciousness, we need to partake in lots of mystical experiences and to explore the occult realms. Ritual also leads to the mystic union with the Divine, such as prayer, chants, alchemy, mantra’s, drumming, toning, etc… To discover the mystic Self… Oneness, our true Self, we must continuously seek profound truthful philosophy. We must also develop a very strong will power to channel the mind toward the Divine. It is also important to partake in hours and hours of meditation and develop a keen capacity to let go.

Spiritual Enlightenment            Gateways to Higher Consciousness: Meditations from Spirit

When we feel that we have re-awakened our state of Spiritual Enlightenment, we will have come to realize and know that there is true understanding of the true nature of Self…. Oneness. The concept is to understand what Truth is and where Truth is. The process is to give ourselves to the divine… Our Higher Self . When we feel that state of Spiritual Enlightenment, life will have become more centered, harmonious, and at rest and we will be much more aware of, and continuously discovering what our true power and purpose in life really is… We will have raised our level of consciousness… Forever becoming more aware of our Higher Consciousness.


Re-Awakening Spiritual Enlightenment ....Achieving Higher Consciousness to re-awaken our Spiritual Enlightened Spirit, will not happen by simply wishing it or wanting it. We must become completely focused and devoted with whole heartiness, our true intentions with daily spiritual practices, such as meditation, philosophy studies, wisdom teachings, chants, yoga, rituals,, etc, etc.. A 4AM start to the day when the rest of the world is sleeping is a perfect time for our spiritual practices, especially meditation.

Spiritual Enlightenment            Gateways to Higher Consciousness: Meditations from Spirit

We must realize the work involved and what it actually takes to achieve Higher Consciousness so that we can re-awaken ourselves to the fact that we are already Spiritually Elightened! Give yourself to SELF (God) every single day, every single breath and always remain in the now.


L♥ve & H♥gs Always

Donna Marie ~*~