Golden Pyramid The Golden Pyramid 


The Golden Pyramid is a very effective Spiritual Protection Technique and one that I use myself.

I channelled the method from Spirit / my Higher Self and I wish to share it with you in hope that you enjoy the same benefits that I have from it.  ~~

Step 1. Draw a pyramid on an A4 size paper (as in picture) bas measures 18cm and sides are 20cm. Colour it in Gold.

Step 2. Take a passport size photo of yourself and place it in the middle of the Golden Pyramid.

Step 3. Fill the rest of the paper with a positive mantra such as “The Light surrounds me, The Light comes through me, I AM the Light, Yakini Yakiniand decorative little Sigil symbols that appeal to you. ie; ♥ ∞ ⊕ Ø etc. etc.

Step 4. Have it Laminated and place it in a prominent place where you will see it as often as you can. The idea is for your sub-concious to absorb it.

Step 5. Meditate on this Golden Pyramid daily and visualise yourself totally encompassed by it. Feel yourself absorbing the Golden Pyramid Energy and visualise the protective layer that is surrounding you with. This is now your protective shield for your spiritual body. It is important to meditate on it daily for at least a few minutes so as to become fully aware of your presence within it.  

Step 6. Take a picture of your Golden Pyramid and have printed on a business card so that you can place it in your wallet and look at it every chance that you get. I have mine as the front screen cover on my mobile phone 🙂