Donations for Children of Syria ♥

The Children of Syria

Twin Featherz donates  to  The Children of Syria ♥ 

I understand that the world is in crisis and there is many

people/children/animals that are in urgent need

of help, care and love…

I am not able to save the world, However, I am able, with your help, to aid in a small way and hopefully make a difference in a child/children’s life.

I will update this page with a tally of how much is being donated every time that I make a donation 🙂 Every other week or so. (-:

Thank you for sharing and caring. ♥ 

♥ Donations so Far! – $720.00 ♥

“I can’t wait for Syria to return to what it was and we go to live and laugh there like we used to. That’s all I want. I would eat dirt if it would bring me back to Syria. If only…”

– Rawan, 9 years old


Syria Crisis Appeal – A devastating refugee crisis impacting 14 million children in the region

UNICEF are supporting children in camps, on the move and in temporary, makeshift settlements.
We need your help to provide children in crisis with:

Clean toilets
Safe places and shelter
Trauma counselling
Winter clothing
Please Donate ❤️

Daniel’s Syria I’m so grateful to how the people of Syria treated my brother when he was traveling the middle east. With all that has happened in Syria, Lebanon, Mali and Paris our hearts ache as we produce Be Brave, a beautiful film that my brother dreamed would do it’s part in uniting the world. Daniel traveled a lot of the Middle East, and Syria was one of the many places there, that were very special to him. He was embraced by the people of Syria and throughout the places he stayed in the middle east. People invited him into their homes, fed him and offered him their friendship. Its easy to be so affected by the images mainstream media puts out, that we can forget the history of these lands, the epic beauty that is there, and the welcoming hearts that took my brother in when he was traveling the world on a shoestring. This video is made not to ignore the heartache that is going on, but to show another side and in gratitude to the people that took my brother in and helped him on his journey of seeing 42 countries and deepening his knowing that: “We are all more the same, than we will ever be different.” -Daniel Northcott

Posted by “Be Brave” the Movie on Friday, November 20, 2015