Dark Energy, Negative Vibes & Hex’s – How to Transmute it.


Dark Energy

The following Techniques of how to transmute negative / Dark Energy, that I have described below are that which came from my Higher Self. I wish to share this Universal Wisdom with you and I hope that you gain the same benefits from them as I have. ~ ♥ ~

The Inner Power Technique:

Step into your ‘Inner Power’ and create (visualise) a protective ‘power shield’  that covers your entire body. 

Click here for an example of a protective ‘Power Shield’

 ◊  Inner Power is the space between your thoughts ⇔ Its that Inner sense of  un-conditional pure Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Truth and Wisdom ⇔ It’s your Intuition, Your Higher Consciousness ◊ 

Remain totally aware of the dark energy that is within your presence or that which is being directed at you. Next, mentally and visually  transform that dark energy with the power of your mind.

ie; if someone is near you with dark energy, negative thoughts or vibrations, then first you must be fully aware of your own energy body and its protective shield, ie; a Golden Pyramid, a pink bubble,mirrors, etc, etc. and make sure that you are fully enclosed in it.

Next, tap into (become aware of) the dark energy, and with the power of your mind, intentionally transmute the negative / dark energy with un-conditional positive thoughts, words, actions and vibrations. Feel the energy of Love and visualise this Love as a form of energy (ie; a cloud) expanding out from you and directing at the person whom has this negative / dark energy, completely encompassing and entering through their entire being. You will notice a subtle shift in their behaviour, words or actions. They will ‘soften and lighten up’ so to speak!

The Sponge Technique: 

Get yourself a Sea Sponge  (and please make sure to thank mother nature). Cleanse it in a bath of sea salts or epsom salts and squeeze it out. Carry this sponge with you in your pocket for easy reach.  Whenever you are in the presence of someone with negative / dark energy, reach for your sponge and place it in your dominating hand and then mentally direct that negative / dark energy to the sponge. Visualise this negative / dark energy being absorbed by the sponge. At the end of your day before retiring, be sure to throughly cleanse your sea sponge in a bath of salts ready to be re-used again and again!

The sponge technique is very effective for busy people whom are conversing with lots of people on a daily basis or whom have friends or family members that are of a negative nature. It is also a great technique to introduce to children. Also, try it with headaches, it has worked for me 🙂

The Pure Light Technique:

Another way to transmute or dispel negative / dark energy is to completely ignore it, do not give it any thought or attention on that same level, whatsoever… ie: if someone is attacking you in a negative / dark way, then do not respond, re-act or feed that negative / dark energy with anything at it’s same level or content. ie; proving right or wrong, judging, analysing agreeing or disagreeing, etc.

Instead, visualise that person in the face of Pure Light (God, Spirit, Angels, etc) and speak only words of loving kindness.

This can be very challenging in some situations. However, it is very possible to transmute that persons whole attitude and frame of mind by transforming the entire conversation to a more uplifting and positive level.

The Mute Technique:

Sometimes it is easier to just simply do nothing. Do not respond, re-act, or even reply… just stay completely mute to the whole situation and simply smile inwardly  🙂

However, Always, Always remain AWARE!

You are the magician to your own reality, just simply change it to suit!

These technique’s work wonderfully on animals and Spirit entities on the other side too 🙂